Gotoke Quartz Banger with Carb Cap



Gotoke 90 Degrees Terp Slurper Banger Kit with Spinner Carb Cap and Terp Pearls

This terp slurper banger is made of high heat resistance quartz glass, which can be used at 1100℃ for a long time. The Spinner Carb Cap will keep your dabs cool and bring you the best flavor from your concentrates. In this way, will bring more fun to your dab experience.

Package including:

1*90 Degree Quartz Flat Top Banger

1*Spinner Carb Cap

2*Terp Pearls

How to clean this terp slurper banger kit?
1. Put the quartz dab banger,2 terp pearls, and spinner carb cap into a storage bag.
2. Pour the alcohol of 70% concentration or higher into the storage bag, together with some coarser salt.
3. Shake up the storage bag until the water changes to a dirty brown.